Thursday, August 12, 2010


   Welcome to our new blog!  New and fresh things are happening at Wekusko Falls Lodge, including this blog, facebook page, and a new website.  We hope that this will help keep in contact with everyone that is a fan of our place here.

     As a quick update- Tramping Lake has been an unreal fishery this year, yet again.  Throughout the spring, I kept track of master angler walleye (over 28") from the lake through the camp, and all of which were released to swim another day.  My last count was 324 masters.  Jack was back again this year, which he caught 55 in his boat alone!  If my memory is correct The Moore group did unbelievably good too with 5 men in 5 days landing 34 walleye masters and one pike.  TRES BON!

 There are two huge positives in Tramping Lake this year.  There has been SO MANY small fish caught this year, as well as big.  Many have never seen it like this before on this lake.  As well, the cloud balls that we have been marking and seeing with the eye have been outstanding.  Hopefully this will stay as the trend to ensure many more years of the high quality fishing we have had in the past.

  The Wekusko Lake Fishery has been a continued success story.  Master Angler sauger have been caught and released in high numbers.  As well, the walleye fishing has been very successful.  It has been a weird year for below the falls.  The fast action fishing that we have been accustomed to during the summer months has been very hot or very not.  I am not sure what the issue is, but it may have to do with the very low water. The bottom falls is no longer a rushing blast, more like a bath tub drain.  Hopefully we will continue to get some heavy rains in order to bring our lake levels up.

  That has been our fishing season so far, many success stories for many fishermen/women.  Congrats to Elissa Bogdan on her first big pike too- what a hog!

 Thanks for reading up on us, and we will continue to try and keep our reader's informed on the happening of the lodge, the fishery, the wildlife, and us!

Thanks again,

Bryan Bogdan
Wekusko Falls Lodge