Wednesday, December 27, 2017

2017 Canada Black Bear Hunting, Manitoba Canada

As many of our clients know, a large part of our business away from fishing is our bear outfitting.  This last year we had 26 hunters in total, - 24 spring and 2 in the fall, and all were a great success.   Although we were at 92 % harvest rate, the 8% non success saw very large bears, where ethical shots just were not presented.  We praise this decision, as nothing is more disappointing than wounding an animal, both for the hunter and the guides.

The size of bears this year was just outstanding, with heavier than normal weights.  We averaged out at 285 lbs! (these are spring weights)   There only was a few smaller bears harvested this year (around 200 lbs), and almost each of these were coloured bears.  Our 3 biggest of the year were a giant 7'4" black boar at 455 lbs, a chocolate at 435 lbs, and a black bear with giant v-patch at 405 lbs.  These were all jaw droppers, and incredible to see in person.  We also had multiple 330 lb + bears come in, which actually started looking small after seeing all the giant bruins cruising around.  How could that happen?  Well just take a look at these 3 giant black bears that set our precendent.

We continue to grow our established bait sites, now running 46 proven baits.  A few baits are only a couple years old, and we have big expectations for these areas this coming spring.  It has been a learning curve with giving our bear outfitting a total make over, but the amount of return hunters we have says we are doing something right.

If anyone is interested in coming up to Canada for an awesome bear hunting experience, don't be scared to take a look at our website and see why we are doing so well.  It is not because we cut corners, that is for sure.