Monday, December 16, 2013

Bear Hunting Write Up- Check It Out!!!

Last spring, I had the honour to meet Mike and Megan at our camp.  They had booked a trip with us through SCI.  Here is the link to the write up that Mike did about the experience.  We are located on page 20.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

FIrst Ice

It had been a long summer and fall, and I finally got the chance to get the snowmobiles out.  I took my father in law onto Wekusko, and we were walleye hungry.  We just hoped the fish were as hungry as we were.  

  We got to our spot, and drilled holes.  8" of ice.  I went straight to my best gps spot for that area, and expected action right from the get go.  We had been there a while, and not much to report.  I thought about moving, and actually got up to get the auger.  I looked at the vexilar when I made my first step to go, and a fish was on the bait.  I grabbed the rod, jiggled, and wham - 20" walleye.  Finally.  That fish felt so good- been too long.  

  We fished from 11 am to 2pm and ended up landing 8 walleye, 2 perch, 1 whitefish, and 1 tulibee.  My biggest fish for the outing was a 26" walleye.  I am sure that won't be the biggest for the year!

My Coldest…..

While I was in Saskatchewan waiting for the baby to come, I had the chance to fulfill one of my goals.  I planned this year to take my nephew Avery on his first waterfowl field hunt.  I had heard rumours of all the snow southern sask got, so I threw in the calls just in case, but left my shotgun and extras at home. 

 Driving out there, I realized I may have made a mistake, as there was no snow once we reached Yorkton.  Great…..  But all the small lakes and sloughs were locked up, and I wasn't sure what birds would be left.  

  Avery and I set out to bait for some deer, and I noticed a huge flock of geese with ducks mixed in.  We were in hot pursuit, thinking they will be feeding nearby.  40 miles later and the birds still high, it wasn't looking good.  We did a huge loop, and ended up near the Melville dam.  And there were the only birds around.  Canada geese had 2 big holes kept open on the dam, and there were birds in the air.  We took chase and found they were feeding in a corn field.  Things were looking up!

  I made some phone calls, and got my blinds sent up.  We would meet a good friend and client Corey in a couple of evenings to scout out the field prior to the hunt, and he would bring his decoys.  We met up with him on the field approach on the evening of Nov 10th, and there were ALOT of geese.  It was looking promising.

  The next morning we woke up to -26 C (-15F), and this was before windchill kicked in.  It was cold cold.  Avery and I got somewhat dressed, and headed out.  We stopped at Robins Donuts and got some donuts and coffee.  As we got close to the field, I saw geese.  Are you kidding me?  How did they bear us, they shouldn't have left the roost till at least 11.  As I drove closer I noticed the geese were not moving….decoys…and not ours.  Two other hunters also got permission to hunt the field.  I chatted with them quick, and offered them to hunt with us.  They weren't to excited to move in this cold, but we they were not set up where the geese fed the evening before.  I assured them this would be a good move, and they got their trucks and started to load up.  

  We figured out where we'd set, and I thought I'd be warm enough getting the set ready.  I was wrong, I was freezing.  All my snowmobile gear got pulled out, as it was a necessity.  We got ready, got the trucks parked, and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Time to eat some donuts….and they were frozen.   And we waited some more.  Finally- we spotted a small flock.  They came right in to our J hook perfectly, and we let them have it.  And Avery shot his first goose!  Soon another flock came in, and again, Avery shot another one!  He was giving it to them!  

  It took most of the day, but it did warm up some.  And we did end up getting our limit.  Avery shot VERY WELL, and even shot his first double.  I also gave him some pressure shots with him being the only shooter when singles came in, and he never let them get away! 

  This hunt was loaded with firsts.  Avery's first waterfowl hunt, my first hunt with Corey, my coldest waterfowl hunt ever, first time I had calls freeze up during a sequence, and my first corn field hunt.  And I am sure it will be one of the "firsts" when I think about waterfowl hunting for many years to come!  The only thing I would have changed is to have had my lab Maggie with me because I was tired with all those retrieves!!!

5 hunters, 40 Canada Geese, and Smiles All Round!

New Baby

During November, Elissa, Kiley, and I headed to Saskatchewan to have another huge change in our lives.   We had a baby girl and baby Kolbey was born.  It looks like we will be putting another pink rod in the rod holder!