Saturday, February 25, 2012

February Guiding

So this last week I was able to get away from the lodge and guide some clients from my home town of Avonlea.   They made the trek up last year, splitting the 3 days of fishing into walleye, lakers, and pike.  This year was the same, however, but with another year of ice  area knowledge under my belt.  My future guide - nephew Avery- also tagged along and was learning the ropes.

   Our first day started out for walleye.  The lake we went to generally doesn't have that great of an early morning bite.  We got geared up and were on the water by 10 am.  The bite started hot and heavy, but slowed down around noon.  It stayed constant throughout the day, and we ended up packing in around 4pm.  Our count was done, and we landed just over the 50 walleye mark.   Not a bad way to start.   This lake I am keeping anonymous, due to the fact that local pressure can easily take this spot over.

  Day 2 had us heading to Reed Lake, going for Lake Trout.  A week prior I scouted out a spot and we lost a monster monster trout right below the hole.  We headed back to this spot and did fairly well.  We landed 12 trout, lost just as many, and had one 34" x 18".  

 Day 3 had us heading to Krug Lake for pike and walleye.  We did land some nice pike on the tip ups, nothing huge huge but very respectable.  The biggest pike was a 39" that had insane girth.  The walleye were biting okay as well, but nothing over 18".  It is good to see that the lake is coming back with a good walleye population.

  Ice conditions were close to the same on every lake.  Just over 2 feet of ice, and between 10" to 2' of snow on the lakes.  Some ice is solid right through, and some is flaky slush ice.  So how long will the ice be here?  No idea.  It will all depend on March weather.  

   My next guiding trip is mar 5-8.  We will see what happens then!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Ice Fishing up to February

This winter has been an interesting one.  It has been soooo warm.  This has meant alot of snow, and not much ice.   As well, if a person likes slush puppies, just head out to the lake, put your flavoring in a cup, and hold it behind the snowmobile.  

  I am not sure how long we will have ice this year.  With high water, and poor ice, we might be in to open water by mid April.  

 Fishing so far has been real good for me.  I had 2 goals for through the ice this year.  First- to learn the rainbows in Korman Lake.  Second- to learn the the east side of Wekusko for walleyes.   WIth a baby this winter, my time has been limited, but I have stroked the first goal off the list.

  I have fished Korman 5 times, and have caught 9 master Rainbows.  Allan (dad) fished twice with me there, and he also caught 4 masters.  He also battled a fish for 5 minutes (and yes the drag was set correct cause I checked since it was taking so long), and the fish ended up getting the line caught in a sliver in the bottom of the hole and straightened a size 4 gamy to get off.   Not sure what it was..... but it's still out there roaming the depths of Korman.

  I also fished File Lake once, and managed to catch a 31" and 32" laker.   The picture is not that great since I didn't have the camera warm- because the information from locals is that there is no big fish in that lake.   These were not monster trout- but the definitely were not push overs.

  Woosey Lake also got a few holes punched in.   We have been doing quite well with walleye there, but also in some big burbot.  The last time out one client caught  a 33" brute.  But as the story goes- we never got to see the one that just about spooled him!!!

  I plan to keep you all posted on the ice as well as the fishing!



 October came along, and Elissa's tummy was getting rather large.  It was time to head south to be ready for the baby to come, and for me to get a bit of hunting done as well!

  We headed out to my family farm for a few days, where my dad and I got to do some speckle belly goose hunts.  Maggie got to show her stuff out there and she worked her magic.  After getting my fix on some hunting, it was time to head into the city and wait.

  It wasn't long and we welcomed our baby girl to the world.  She gave us all a scare, and we were a bit shocked that it wasn't a boy....we were sure it was going to be a boy.  At that moment we named her Kiley, and she had us wrapped around her finger ever since.  We are so blessed to have a daughter!

  Now, Elissa just had surgery, but no one was going to stop the physiotherapist in her.  That day she was showering, and the next day doing small walks.  One more day and Elissa was released (one day early).   We were now parents........yikes.

   So when you come to the lodge this year- you will be greeted by our new welcoming committee!

Bryan, Elissa, Kiley, Bauer, and Maggie