Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Madness

  Fishing has been great.  We have been finding both numbers and size.  We've cranked a lot of big walleye, a lot of big pike, and even a few big trout.

  Our ice is holding out okay.  On some lakes we have 3 feet, some only 2 feet.  As of now our slush isn't too bad, and have about 1 foot of snow on the ice.  I am hoping that our ice holds out to the end of April, cause the fishing is just heating up!

  So some highlights for March.  We landed 36 walleye in 1 1/2 hours in one spot.  8 over 26", one 28".  That was a good spot!  We also got onto alot of trout on reed one day, hooked over 20, didn't do so good on the landing end of things though!  We also got in another spot at the end of March, and landed 135 walleye in one day.  The average size fish was 22".   And a big highlight was a kid got a heavy heavy 41" pike, that was his first master pike.  What a fish.

  April is shaping up to be an awesome month, with many more fish memories I am sure!

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