Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 Bear Season

  Our bear season at Wekusko Falls Lodge last year was challenging yet terrific. We had some very high quality bears shot, but also had some strokes of bad luck.  At least I can say with every disappointing experience, we learn from it, to make ourselves and our clients better hunters, guides, and outfitter.   Nevertheless, everyone went home as happy and satisfied customers.

  Some of our highlights from last year included donating a hunt to a wounded veteran from Wisconsin.  Outdoor Bound TV was also in camp to film the experience for an upcoming episode.  The filming didn't stop there though.  We also had a father/son hunt filmed, as the son has special needs.  I ended up building some bear proof blinds for this hunt.  It was an experience building them, and more so hauling them into the bush!  But with some of that farmer ingenuity, we got it done!

  Another special hunter got to use the bear blinds, as he was too old to get in a tree!  One of my long term clients brought up his Grandpa, who was at the tender age of 98!!!!!!!  And yes, even he killed a great chocolate bear!   Another highlight included a monster bear that weighed out at 350 lbs, shot with the bow by a young woman as her first bear!  This bear had zero fat reserve so it would have been interesting the weight on this bear in the fall!

   All the work that we have put into bear camp is starting to really show.  From work on our trails, to our new baits getting well established, each season runs smoother and more successful.  We are all excited for the upcoming season in 2016.  Each year brings new challenges, but hard work and hunting smarts always puts us on top!

  Pictures:  Top- Mark Meunier (wounded Veteran)
                  Middle Left -  Walt and Paul with Paul's first bear
                  Middle Right - Ken with a Giant Chocolate Boar
                  Bottom - Brady and Bryan with the last blind ready to be transported

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