Saturday, January 9, 2016

2015 Open Water Wrap Up

 What a year that was presented to us in 2015.  Very late ice conditions, low water to start with and then screaming high water levels.  Heat, followed by major rain.  And a late walleye bite that was better than ever, all lead to a record year.

  May and June started off very slow for walleye, as well as pike.  The water was so cold when the pike fishermen were in, and then in a flash, the water heated up and the big pike went deep.  Usually when this happens, our walleye turns on and everyone is kept happy.  This year however, was not the case.  Walleye on tramping were a work out every day, but we still put up very respectable numbers, and a lot of giant walleye were landed and released.  Going into the end of June, things really heated up, and it continued right through July.  It was staggering hearing the stories of how many big fish were being caught.  Even with our slower start in June, July helped bring our Master Angler numbers to record levels.

  The pike started to pick up as well in August and September again, and ended up being one of our better years for big fish.  This was even with the very slow May and June. But with the walleye bite so hot, there really wasn't many anglers logging in hours chasing northerns.

  Wekusko Lake again proved itself truthful in the fact that the lake has come back stronger than ever.  We had a lot of big walleye and pike caught in this body of water.  And fishing below the falls was as strong as ever.  We are very excited for this upcoming year on that water, as somehow it continues to get better and better.

So our totals for our camp:

Master Angler Walleye (28"+) ended up at 463.    We had 6 that were over 33", with the largest at 33 1/2".     Of the 463,  58 of those were from Wekusko Lake!   I really don't know how many were over 32", but there were more than a few.  In fact, just in my boat I guided 6 over 32".

Master Angler Pike (41"+) ended up at 26.  

Lake Trout (35"+) ended up at 2.

 We are all very excited of the upcoming season.  Water levels are normal, but there shouldn't be a lot of ice this year with the extremely warm winter we are having.  The winter is repeating itself like 2010.  If the pattern stays true....look out walleye.  2010 was out of this world good for walleye, so it's already got me chomping on the bit!


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