Saturday, January 9, 2016

Camp Changes

If anyone has come up to the lodge and met us, I would hope that we display a vision for this place.   We put more than a bit of effort and resources into the lodge on a continual basis, and continue to plan to do so in the future.

Some of the upgrades are behind the scene, and some are directly aimed at making our guests stay more comfortable and memorable.

For example, this year unveiled our new dock system.  It took us a fishing season to tweak it, and we continue to work on it.   We also did an upgrade at the fire pit, which was a very non utilized spot.  With some landscaping, new swing, and new firepit, it has become a new favourite spot.

And who could forget the old septic tank in front of cabin 6.   It blocked parking, and honestly was an eye sore for us, and a pain in more than just our thighs.  Well with some hard work and excavation it looks different, is safer, and MORE parking!   But it was an experience.   The big old spruce was not healthy, which we found out the hard way, as the only healthy piece of trunk made the tree twist, right onto a cabin.

These are just a few of the changes here just in 2015, not to mention the new fuel tank with electric pump, stripping and staining 4 cabins, new gravel in entire drive way, some new fence, and a new sign.   We have just as big plans for 2016,  so stay tuned!

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